Top Best Lipstick Brands Available In India

Top lipstick brands India

The very first cosmetic product that a lady uses is lipstick which beautifies her lips by adding more colors and shine to it. Lipsticks have always ruled our vanity boxes and make-up kits for ages. The shade of your of lips defines our style and mood for the day and is also helpful in creating our style statement. From rosy pinks to lively reds and subtle brows; from shiny glittery shades to matte-finished royal colors; there is so much to color our life and express ourselves.

Lipsticks have always been the queen of cosmetics. Every woman craves to have the most vivacious and glamorous collection which she can wear with a difference. We all long for the best lipstick shades which beautify our lips and last for long along with providing useful nourishment to them.

Though there are several lipstick brands in the Indian market but this article focuses on the best lipstick brands in India which have always managed to win the hearts of the ladies. So read through and find out which are these exquisite brands…..


Best Revlon LipstickThis is the most renowned and trusted brands in lipsticks in India. There is a beautiful spectrum of shades which the company offers to the buyers along with eight different categories which include Revlon Super Lustrous, Revlon Colorstay Ultimattee Suede, Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter etc. which promises a magnificent lustrous look to your lips. They have shades to suit different skin tones that stay for longer durations thereby keeping your lips in perfect look for longer. Starting from somewhere around Rs.485, it ranges up to Rs.935 depending upon what kind of category you pick.


Top Lakme lipstickLakme is one such one which every woman has as an important part of make-up. It is the oldest brand which has been helping India beauties to look gorgeous. It is surely one of the best lipstick brands which offer something for every woman. This brand gives you the convenience to choose the lipstick as per your needs and requirements from their amazing range of lustrous lipsticks which promises quality at the best price. The price range starts from Rs.225 and goes up to Rs.575 thereby making the hot-selling brand in lipsticks.


Most Popular Maybelline lipstickMaybelline is another very popular lipstick brand in India which is known for its amazing quality. From beautiful shades with long-lasting finish to a comfortable and fresh wear; the company offers everything that a woman desires. It is an ideal pick at very affordable prices starting at the range of approximately Rs.375. The brand promises quality at the best prices to keep your lipstick fresh and light.

L’Oreal Paris

best L’Oreal Paris lipstickL’Oreal is another very trusted and authentic lipstick brand in India. The quality of its lipsticks is wonderfully amazing which gives nourishment to lips and keeps them healthy. The glamorous look of lips is what every lady desires for and L’Oreal promises to deliver the most vivacious appeal. The price range of lipsticks of this brand starts from Rs.500 and goes up to Rs.1000. Though at present the brand offers two main lipstick ranges but the shades it offers are truly mesmerizing.


Famous MAC lipstickThis international brand has earned impressive brand loyalty in India because of its impeccable quality and luxurious range of colors and textures to select from. Any lady would go crazy finding every shade in their collection that she has always desired. Their lipsticks come in sleek packaging along with a captivating aroma. The moisturizing effect of these lipsticks keeps your lips smooth and pampered for long. It is a high-end brand in which the pricing of lipstick starts from approximatteely Rs.1000.


Top Colorbar lipstickLight on pocket and lustrous on lips, the lipsticks under Colorbar are perfectly priced to suit your pockets. Colorbar promises perfect fusion of quality with prices. You can choose from a vibrant range of colors to suit your skin tone and experiment with your look. The price ranges from Rs.250 and goes up to Rs.700. Colorbar is known for its innovations and experiments which keeps them high on customer demand.


most popular chanel lipstickChanel is one of the most popular lipstick brands all over the world. It also features amongst the top brands in India because of its impressive quality and amazing range of products. Though it is a high-end brand and the price range of lipsticks starts from Rs.2000. These long-lasting lipsticks with comfortable textures come in classy and beautiful packaging to beautify and nourish the lips of gorgeous ladies.

Victoria Secrets

Victoria Secrets lipstickIt is one of the most vibrant and interesting lipstick brands which offer an enthralling range of lipsticks in different textures to suit different needs. Victoria Secrets comes in various colors to suit every skin tone and mood. It is an expensive lipstick to add to your collection but it is truly worth the price. The price range starts from approximately Rs.1000.

These are some of the best lipstick brands in India which have been appealing the masses with their impeccable quality, wide spectrum of shades and vibrant texture that cater requirements of every woman.

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